Alexandra Zedtwitz
2010 - 2020
Artist Statement
For her photographic series Alexandra Zedtwitz chooses to work with the smallest instant film available. The small size of the format is a conscious choice and stands in opposition to large scale art, questioning the value of bigness and the relevance of size. Large scale often is a simple expression of boldness, overwhelming the spectator by mere magnitude. Size is still seen as a measurement for power, strength and relevance. The material of the film is strong and plays a decisive role. There is no negative, only a positive, which has physically been present at the depicted scene. Between the layers the atmosphere is captured and every picture is unique. Its depth adds a mystic quality to the image. Images are arranged in diptych compositions, creating a cinematic relationship between them. It offers the opportunity to communicate intangible aspects like emotions or ephemeral and transitional situations. Natural special effects emphasise an image between fiction and documentation.
The proposed diptychs are composed of a selection of photographs, taken during several sojourns in Japan over the past 10 years. The images were selected in reference to the current situation and at the same time in order to allow the greatest possible freedom of interpretation and imagination. Social distancing and prolonged isolation raise the awareness for the importance of communication and touch. Under the given circumstances protagonists are bound to seek comfort in their immediate environment. As opposed to the direct, sensory touch from the outside - the indirect and intangible touch from the inside is of a holistic nature.
Artist Bio
FRIEDL KUBELKA School for Artistic Photography Vienna 2016 – 2017: Shaft weaving apprenticeship at LLA Imst, Tyrol 2001 – 2008: University of Applied Arts Vienna, professor: Raf Simons, Véronique Branquinho AWARDS AND EXHIBITIONS 2020: FIBER RESIDENCY, (postponed) (Oaxaca) 2019: POLAROID FESTIVAL, September 2019 (Barcelona) 2018: EXPLORASI solo exhibition at HONF Space, June 2018 (Yogyakarta) 2018: FEEL group show at B[x] gallery, April – May 2018 (New York) 2016: Residency grant from the BKA 2015: Non-vincitore del non-concorso, Fonzazione Achille Castiglioni (Milan) 2011: DIPTYCH: departure pioneer grant (Vienna) 2010: DIPTYCH: International Festival for Fashion and Photography (Hyères) 2009: BMUKK award