Your Secret Room 202X
Chris Norz & Philipp Ossanna
Artist Statement
Your Secret Room 202X Our work is an interactive, multidimensional installation, which combines sound and visual experiences. It is both analogue and digital; a combination of different techniques and different worlds. The players have everything in their own hands. They can easily create beats and soundscapes combined with lights and special effects via a PlayStation controller. It is a video game without the video but still full of action. Some sound effects are digital, while others are created by household items like a mixer or vacuum cleaner. There is some anarchy in all of us. In the centre of the installation there are two pieces of artwork. They are both 'analogue displays' that show and merge two different pictures when the player moves around the room. Picture Shibuya. Picture the Austrian Alps. Choose your perspective.
Inspired by our trip to Tokyo in 2019 we tried to create our own small universe which you can enter for yourself. Try it and you will experience 'then - now - after'. then | analogue | experimental | excessive | think... all gone, no, still there | play! | now | digitalism | tradition | retro | still existing in our minds - VR could help after | what has happened? | “Oh Japan! You are still there in the Pacific Ocean… but I hate VR… I wonder what it looks like now?”
Artist Bio
Philipp Ossanna and Chris Norz met in 2010 whilst studying Jazz at the Tyrolean Conservatory. Since then they have been working on a variety of different musical projects together. Chris Norz is a drummer and percussionist, Philipp is a guitarist. Both of them have a degree in classical music from Mozarteum University. They share their passion for music and inspire each other through different musical approaches. Together they have created the band 'HI5', who have won several awards such as 'Best new Jazz talent 2013', 'Jimmy Woode European Jazz Award', and 'Grand Prize' for best band at the International Jazz Competition Bucharest. HI5 have released five albums and played more than 300 concerts all around the world (including Mexico, India, Japan, China, USA, Canada, and Europe). Philipp and Chris have been mixing up the arts and have set up interactive sound & visual installations in museums and at festivals.