Various Works
Nana Tylo
2018 - 2020
Artist Statement
The submitted projects for the Open Call are a selection of pencil drawings, ink drawings, photo collages and a looping animation. Additionally included is a documentation of my diploma exhibition titled "Shashin". A mixed-media work transforming fragments of Tokyo into a walk-in installation.
My way of drawing is largely inspired by Japanese mangaka and animation artists like Kazuo Umezu and Yoshiharu Tsuge. Since studying in Tokyo I have been continuously researching Japanese art and perspectives, which helped me develop my own artistic language.
Artist Bio
Nana Tylo's artistic approach explores the boundaries and borders between drawing, animation and installation, investigating intersections between the various formats. Inspired by Japanese imagery and art, she incorporates typical elements of manga and animation, weaving them into her drawings, mainly using ink and pencil on paper.