Total Living Industry 2
Christian Teckert
Artist Statement
In Total Living Industry II, a daily routine of a person unfolds in a city like Tokyo. In a drift through the “dividual” spaces of the city, architecture is portrayed, in which the power of a contemporary algorithmic culture is invisible, yet all the more efficient. As a collection of symptomatic spaces in a city shaped by feedback, evaluations and individualized profiles, the video essay raises the question of how access to the spaces of a postpolitical city is gradually regulated by data-based codes and algorithms. | The sites in the video: A Konbini A MangaKissa/Architektur:faninc.(2015) An office space accessed via Space A Shared House The Shibaura House/Architecture:KazuyoSejima(2011) A TsutayaBookstore/Architecture: KleinDytham (2011) | A film by Christian Teckert, 2020 Camera: Linda Lackner, Christian Teckert, Wolfgang Thaler Editing: Christian Teckert, Wolfgang Thaler Voice over: Caitlin Berrigan Translation: Peter Blakeney & Christine Schöffler Sound: A New Day by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne Ciani
My video essay Total Living Industry II is based on the reflection of a video work I produced in 2001 as a double-screen projection and later as a video essay in 2003. These videos were researching the image-driven forms of urbanisation one could find in Tokyo’s suburbs. It was private (mega-)companies which produced a totalizing concept of the city while at the same time being as invisible as possible. The new work Total Living Industry II re-visits Tokyo's everyday sites and subjectivities of algorithmic predictions, evaluations and feedback loops, which are crucial for the automatized (re)production of the city.
Artist Bio
Professor for Spatial Strategies at the Muthesius University of Arts in Kiel/Germany. Curation and design of exhibitions like SCREENCLIMBING at Kunstverein in Hamburg and STUDIOCITY at Kunstverein Wolfsburg in 2000, manifeSTATION at Manifesta7 in Rovereto 2008, all with the office for cognitive urbanism and EASTERN PROMISES at the MAK Vienna 2013 with Andreas Fogarasi. Design and realisation of an exhibition building for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Leipzig, GfZK-2, opened in 2004, with as-if berlinwien. Project lead for the Art-Based Research project CURATING THE URBAN. On Spatializing Urban Conditions at halfway in Vienna, funded by FWF-PEEK, 2017-2019. Author of numerous publications and essays in the realms of art, visual culture, urbanism and spatial theory. Numerous exhibition contributions in Austria, Germany, Italy, USA, Great Britain, Japan, Belgium.