Tokyo Petrichor
Guido Spannocchi
Artist Statement
Tokyo Petrichor - the smell of rain on the asphalt of the city after a long period of heat. This composition meditates on the relief of inevitable change and the adjustment to the new. The elements of water and stone, long and short time effects of living as foreigner in a tight knit social environment. Finding work in Tokyo is a dire task especially if one does not speak the language, when social contacts, interactions and collaborations eventually happen it is like rain on a dry field and fuels life as well as change yet as a foreigner one is likely to only be able to touch the surfaces of the society just like the water on the asphalt.
This piece was inspired by the hectic life of Tokyo which yet comes to a halt every now and so often such as during this terrible pandemic, it is a research on silence in a turbo city, pockets of meditative motion and moments and rest such as the touristic visit to a zen garden or a secluded temple. Within the ever-changing boundaries of business Japan, one encounters the cherished traditions which reflect times long gone yet play a part in everyday life. Tokyo Petrichor is written in the tradition of Jazz compositions which like so much western culture has found its way into the everyday life of Tokyo, be that in supermarkets or late night clubs. It reflects an era of bebop, music of yesterday, brought to a unique style in Japan, yet it touches on the contemporary noise and free jazz scene and was inspired by ever-changing yet recurring seasons of heat and rain at the end of each summer.
Artist Bio
Guido Spannocchi is a Vienna born London based Jazz musician known for his trio works and internationally renowned for his albums "Ahead Only" 2017, "Terms & Conditions" 2018, "All The Above" 2019 and "Elevated Music" 2020. Since moving to London in 2011, he has become a fixture in the UK Jazz scene, he published through his label audioguido records, works as a radio host for Threads Radio, runs several regular nights in renowned Jazz clubs and tours regularly across Europe and the world.