The First Breakfast
Marianne Greber
Artist Statement
THE FIRST BREAKFAST stands in the context of human plurality, culture, myths, work and dignity. Giving visibility to transgender people by focusing on the thematic of social acceptance and labour market. To give work to someone has the highest value in societies. Having work is dignity and transforms all of us. People of all ages, women, trans and men of different professions – gardener, professor, barkeeper, security, cleaning person, bar ladies – meet for breakfast in an idyllic nature like a common daily ritual, like in utopia – breakfast with apples. The art work THE FIRST BREAKFAST is the continuation of the work THE LAST SUPPER , Rio, 2008. They belong to the ensemble THE CYCLE, four tableaux vivants with four short films, including further the works THE DAILY LUNCH, Bregenz, 2018 and THE LATE SIESTA, Lima, 2018.
THE FIRST BREAKFAST is a timeless work – then now after. Produced in collaboration with the wonderful Oita and OPAM people, the work and the memories of the intense and fabulous production time stay forever. The open minded people with the beautiful nature in the south of Japan, the land of the rising sun, have made this work possible. Their commitments and participation made a significant contribution to the implementation of the project. Within the ensemble THE CYCLE, Japan stands in connection with Europe and South America, where the further three works have been realized.
Artist Bio
Marianne Greber, born 1963, lives and works in Vienna. Studied Romance languages, University of Vienna (1993); School of Art Photography by Friedl Kubelka, (1995). Her photographic and cinematic work is located in a political, historical and/or sociological context and is concerned with the influence of religion, race, sexuality and gender on the construction of identities. Exhibitions and billboards; publications in national and international medias, books and catalogues. Publisher of the photobooks sobredosis. cuba (2000/2001), Sou Glamour (2008), fotokatastrofieren : Tone Fink (2003); Streckenwölfe – Do Sand Meor (2014). Director of the semi-documentary Life in Between – Rio´s third gender, ORF, 2008.