The country where stamps rain from the sky
Julius Werner Chromecek
Artist Statement
Currently self-knowledge, experience, I want to go into depth, that works with photography/video because it allows me to depict myself, but then again to become the distant viewer of my own image, which can and should do everything in an endless loop leading ever deeper. At the same time, the material often guides me, i.e. I don’t articulate a certain interest in every picture, but the picture often speaks to me and tells me what interests me - why did I take this picture, what drives me, which picture do I not take?
My six-year-older brother was on tour in Japan with the "Wiener Sängerknaben"; because he was an exceptionally handsome boy, his Japanese fans wrote him many letters - actually a whole laundry basket full! I was six years old, so I couldn't do much with love letters, but: with the beautiful stamps on the envelopes! My parents explained to me that these letters came to Austria by plane. As a grown man I have not become a stamp collector, but: For me, Japan is still the country from which it rains wonderful stamps from the sky.
Artist Bio
Julius Werner Chromecek * 1962 in Vienna (A) lives and works in Vienna Artistic Education o 2019/20 Studies at School of Artistic Photography Friedl Kubelka, Vienna o 1980 apprenticeship training photography, Vienna o 2017 professional dance course, IGRC, Vienna o 2006 Ph.D. Psychology Exhibitions (excerpt) o 2020 dance with my mattress, Anne Glassner, photo-graphic collaboration o 2020 Sorry, Mr. Kracauer, Kubelka: exhibition, Vienna o 2020 favorite tools. Kubelka: exhibition, Vienna o 2020 Sich selbst erkennen in der Isolation. Digital Exhibition „Vienna United: #CultureAgainstCorona“ o FJ/2021 Stadtraum. exhibition APCOA, Vienna o 9/2020 final exhibition Kubelka 2019/20. Weißes Haus, Vienna