sustainable | FOOD | connections
honey & bunny
2018- 2020
Artist Statement
We would like to present a series of photographs about food and sustainability, which we have produced together with Daisuke Akita. Furthermore we want to create and realize a video project in Tokyo together with Daisuke Akita. We would write a dialogue about our experiences in Japan and about a sustainable future and film it at several locations. Sustainability is based on moral-ethical values. Food is an everyday cultural act that follows more or less sustainable ideals. Each change in our eating habits impacts the ecosystem and socioeconomic processes. Photos: Daisuke Akita
Isozaki Arata forced us to establish an upcoming creative field: food design. In 2002 he said that the most important question of our time is how to feed human beings in a sustainable way. We did what he said and found honey & bunny, an interdisciplinary studio for eat art and food design, based on sustainable values. On the other hand, Japan inspired us massively. Our way of thinking and creating is still based on our experiences in Japan.
Artist Bio
Stummerer/ Hablesreiter studied both architecture in Vienna, London, and Barcelona. After graduation they worked in Tokyo, before founding the transdisciplinary studio honey & bunny. Their work is based on social and ecological sustainability. Honey & bunny do publications, installations, exhibitions, performances and design. They directed the movie “food design”, curated the exhibitions “food design” at the MuseumsQuartier Wien, “food design humanity” at Lodz/ PL, and participated in numerous international solo and group exhibitions, among others in London, Zürich, Vienna, Salzburg, Milano, Amsterdam, Gwangju, Hanover. They have performed about sustainability in Milano, London, Paris Salzburg and others.