Sushi Collection
Michaela Meissl
2003 – still in progress
Artist Statement
The Sushi Collection is a series of works consisting of small porcelain miniatures that associatively take up the sushi theme and thereby create a colorful fauna of delicate sea creatures. It combines the sophisticated flavor of Japanese dishes with an exquisite humor. After my stay in Japan I started the Sushi Collection and until now I have been working on this project. Material: Porcelain, Technic: hand-modeled, Size: between 5 and 12 cm
The chance of working in a ceramic studio in Japan was a big opportunity for me to get to know the beautiful country while working in the field of ceramics. Traveling to Kyoto and Nara and a lot of other places together with Japanese friends gave me a profound impression of this country. Visits to famous Japanese ceramic artists and the work in the studios of Shigaraki deepened my enthusiasm for Japanese aesthetic traditions. MY time there was a tremendous cultural experience and an important impact which still gives me a lot of energy for my work.
Artist Bio
1959 born in Tyrol / Austria 1977-78 study of German philology and art history in Innsbruck 1979 two–years stay in Paris 1985 foundation of a ceramic and sculptor's studio in Vienna together with Walter Meissl 1986-1998 Karatedo study at the Karatedo Doshinkan Vienna under Hanshi 10.dan Isao Ichikawa and Hanshi 10. dan Nobuo Ichikawa 1998-2004 Japanese studies at the University of Vienna with a bachelor´s degree 2002 two month study as an „artist in residence“ in the international Ceramic center in Shigaraki/Japan Participation in international ceramics competitions: Concorso Internationale della Ceramica d‘Arte in Faenza/Italien. Biennal Internacional de Ceràmica de Marratxi /Mallorca.