Spring Pieces
Camilo Latorre
Artist Statement
There are words that connect, there are words that separate, music should be like a word that connects. A time lived similar in two different places, a time with its joy and its tenderness, the spring! The trees are different, the images of the spaces are different, the people are different but one is the spirit. In this work I tried to musically reflect about the spirit of this wonderful season, the season of the flowers, a season where the cycle begins again. There are four pieces, each one with the name of a tree from a different part of the world. From Japan the cherry tree, from Spain the almond tree, the Magnolia Tree from the US and Judas tree from Austria. The pieces try to show how I perceive the magic of the spring in those specific countries. They are very visual pieces and in the case of Japan I also let myself get inspired by the world of the anime and its predilection for shiny colors, and young characters, not to mention that cherry trees are often a motif themselves.
The joy for spring is a universal topic. A cherry tree stands for Japan, for its landscapes, for its secrets and traditions and for all the memories, and also for what will be. The time that passed, the present, and the future are a cycle but the tree of life stands eternal.
Artist Bio
Originally from Colombia, Camilo Latorre is a Vienna based composer living in Austria since 2008. Was here in this capital city where he did his studies at the University for Music and Performing Arts (Pedagogy of the piano) and at the Franz Schubert Conservatory (Composition). Camilo has worked together with other artists like the composer and visual artist Alejandro Del Valle-Lattanzio and has done many projects aswell with the visual artist Fanni Futterknecht. Some of them have been shown in exhibitions, video screenings or performances in Austria, China and Japan. At the moment Camilo Latorre is collaborating with Michikazu Matsune and his team for a piece about the relationship between Austria and Japan, the piece will be shown next year during the Wiener Festwochen.