Artist Statement
In 2017 Donal Trump said that any NFL player who sits during the national anthem is a «son of a bitch». This brutalized language had never been used by democratic statesmen. Deep below the belt. The Japanese friendliness that I was able to experience on my trip does not match this brutalization. The collages contrast these two worlds and illustrate the global cultural challenges.
The collages contain Japanese architecture, infrastructure and symbols. Within this world, the protagonists move in isolation, melancholy. The brutalization of language on social media fuels hate and separates.
Artist Bio
Dekonstrukt/Superkong Art Collective» operates on the border between transmedial art and design. Founded by Marlene Hirtreiter and Andre Mayr in 2010, Dekonstrukt is currently located in Bern, Switzerland. Our focus is on experimental design, sound art and multimedia video works.