Shimmering Islands, Dynamic Sculpture
Andrea Sigl
2018, 2020
Artist Statement
The fascinating element of my work, consisting of hand carved porcelain, is its translucence and its fragility, as well as its response to shining light. I call my objects “shimmering islands”. These objects remind one of floral and animal-like underwater beings. It is a world which I have been devoted to for a very long time. Before and after my travel to Japan the ancient technique and philosophy of “Kintsugi” has been continuously on my mind. This issue has had influences on my latest works in various ways, strongly intruding into the cosmos of crystalline glazes. For me, the fascination of creating something new and different after the process of destruction has a very vivid momentum.
Kintsugi can be traced back 3000 years and it is still relevant today in the same way as it has been in the past. I love the mentality of the Japanese people, their passion for creative handcraft, design, fashion, architecture and food culture. With their respectful social intercourse, they have already arrived in the future.
Artist Bio
I was born 1962 in Linz, Austria. Apprenticeship as a ceramic painter in Gmunden and visited many different Summer Academies, as from Pietro Elia Maddalena/Italy and the Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg. Amongst others I attended workshops with Gustav Weiss (Berlin), Höhr Grenzhausen and Maria Geszler-Garzuly (Kecskemét). Numerous solo and group exhibitions followed in the USA, in Switzerland, Italy and Austria. Exhibitions 2015 Musée de Carouge (Genève), 2017 Museum Pitagora (Santa Severina/Italy), 2018 at the International Porzellan - Biennale in Meissen (Germany). For thirty years now I operate my own studio.