Selection of Wood-Cuts
Felix Dieckmann
Around 2018
Artist Statement
I like to make whole cycles to a special theme. The ideas for these cycles come to me like an order, and I have to fulfill this order to become calm. Wood-cuts I like, because I love the material of wood. It can be so hard, but it is possible to work in a way that the lines are round and soft – like human beings should be. It is necessary to follow your plan, and not earlier than after the very last wood-block you reach harmony. By the way: it is possible to reach by wood-cuts the impression of a water-colour-picture. Wood cut means much more than black and white, much more than a ´plain´- it can be a combination of plain and line.
I think this program offers a wonderful possibility to learn from each other, to demonstrate own capabilities and to know other experiences. So we have the chance to reach progress and to open doors, where we did not expect that doors would be there.
Artist Bio
I worked at first as an assistant director in the opera houses of Aachen and Dortmund. In the opera house of Linz/Austria I made my first production as a director. In total, I have worked on 42 operas in several opera houses in Austria and Germany. In the Bruckner-Konservatorium in Linz I taught students how to act on a stage. Beside this, I always made pictures – mostly wood-cuts and presented them in Austria and Germany, Jerusalem/Israel, New York/USA, Chengdou/People's Republic of China, Tampere/Finland and in Japan.