Peter Lagler
Artist Statement
For this project I was working with mechanical, analog, historic Leica photo cameras on black and white film. Negatives are scanned and I create these works on a computer with techniques developed by me; I only can use „colors of black“ which are already existing in these negatives; in many-many steps! On this way and by using the weakness of old technique and of rough films you get my unique Photo-Graphics.
I‘ve never had the chance to visit Japan, but for a long time I have liked Japanese traditions and loved their classic woodcut-prints. Japan loves its cherry blossom, in my home-region in Austria we love the „Mostbaum Blüte“ (Pear & Apfel Cider) and its 100-of-years old trees. Every year it is a very special moment when the trees start blooming! So I decided to combine Japanese tradition with Austrian – and created my works in traditional Japanese style I love so much! I think in the future Japanese people will come back (like I hope for Austrians) more to the beauty of life, more back to nature and art and they will take a little distance from speed and technologies...
Artist Bio
Peter Lagler, long time Hobby-Photographer, 2014 Diploma for „Press-photography and Photo-Design“. Since 2014, around 50 exhibitions in 5 countries, 2018 Guest-Professor at „University of Culture and Arts“ in Kiev, 2018 publishing a Book about Chernobyl-topic, since spring 2019 developing my special project „Colors of Black“; working with historic Leicas on b/w film and creating my Photo-Graphics. My works are represented in different museums, state and private collections.