Ready To Die
Flora Miranda
Artist Statement
'Ready To Die' is a pun on 'Ready To Wear' fashion collections. For this body of work Flora Miranda deals with 'death' in a broader sense, namely the fugacity of fashion products - finding the beauty in sadness and nostalgia. For this collection we wonder what 'historical' means. As soon as we find an idea in a museum, open for referencing, it becomes educational and dead - no matter if it was produced yesterday, or 100 years ago. Are museums just a cemetery for historical references from yesterday? As Japanese fashion is more and more in the eye of European museum collections, two pieces of the collections were chosen to be 3D-scanned and transformed: a traditional Japanese kimono, and a piece by Yoji Yamamoto. In that way, the Japanese history and present becomes part of an everlasting data body of fashion in cyberspace, and was translated into real-life garments.
A digital re-incarnation of Japanese fashion of the past and present: while the garments themselves were drawn out of their cultural context by being put into a European museum, the 3D-scanning process and visualization through algorithms transfers them into a space where the beauty of Japanese culture is conserved forever as a data body. It is a combination of Japan then - now - and after, since it re-imagines historical Japanese garments, as well as contemporary designs, into the future of tech.
Artist Bio
Flora Miranda is an Austrian fashion designer who lives in Antwerp, Belgium. She graduated from the Antwerp Fashion Academy in 2014, and then started freelancing for Iris Van Herpen. Later on, Miranda founded her own label, and started working with data-based, and generative designs. Since 2018 she presents her collections at Paris Haute Couture Week twice a year.