Lucas Dietrich
Artist Statement
This piece of work is based around the idea of altered / filtered / reassembled memories, hence the title „Re/Memory“. I run a computer algorithm (1) over pictures I took during my two trips to Japan. The algorithm sorts pixels into arrays of color, hue and brightness. The results are aleatoric textures, which I then use as a matrix / score to create a short piece of music and a watercolor painting. I chose watercolor specifically for its fluctuant and improvisational nature, which provides a stark contrast to the computational element. In other words, I am interpreting an analytical, computerized result in a very poetic way. The result is what I call a „Re/Memory“ – an interpretation of a memory of Japan.
Both technological literacy and a rich artistic heritage play an important role in Japan. My work uses both computer algorithms and traditional forms of artistic expression (music, painting), bridging the gap between the past (then) and the future (after) by creating a piece of art in the present (now). This also goes for the philosophical aspect of the work; it is an artistic reflection on how I perceive and experience Japan and its culture. The result is subjective by default, but free of nostalgia or idealization; it’s a vivid reflection of my memories of Japan.
Artist Bio
Lucas Dietrich (1978) is a Musician, Designer & Visual Artist based in Berlin. After studying double bass at the Conservatory of Vorarlberg, he moved to Paris for additional studies where he co-founded the music label fonorum (with Ingvo Clauder). As a musician, he performed in 50 countries over the past 15 years. He writes music for theater, contemporary dance and art installations. In parallel, he pursues a career as graphic designer and visual artist. He is particularly interested in the intersections of music, graphic design and computational art. In 2009, he moved to Berlin, where he currently lives and works.