post virtual garden
hannah neckel / voidgirl79
Artist Statement
Post Virtual Garden is a multimedia project spanning now over 2 years. It has been conceptualized as a Room Installation, Browser Based Animations, Videos, 3D Scans and Ig Filters. The virtual is no longer a separate room, it is like a glass that is too full, which overflows into our reality, which spills and attacks us like a waterfall, a river, a force of nature. We live in a post virtual world. Reality, virtuality, and dreams are fused in a multi-layered world that is merged into abstraction. A metaphorical garden, giving shape to the fusion of our online - offline - dream spaces. A garden as a place similar to our online world, we design it according to our ideas and aesthetic understanding. Our online content develops like a flower that we take care of, that we water and that grows as a result. What we pay the most attention to takes on an increasing part, accordingly we curate this part of our perception. The difference between our states of perception is difficult to ascertain. Dream state and our vague concept of reality are often challenging to separate in individual perception, the internet as an additional third space makes these boundaries even more indistinct. They flow more and more into each other like a Photoshop document in which the different layers are superimposed and together form a coherent image.
after-> My work creates a space both online and offline where visitors are invited to experience reality not only through physicality but through emotion and memory. Contemporary Japanese culture has a tremendous influence on internet aesthetics and futurism and I am using precisely these signifiers to evoke emotions such as longing, utilizing my installations to merge the realities of online/offline/dream worlds closer together, aiming for a post virtual future.
Artist Bio
Hannah Neckel is a new media artist based on the internet and currently studying transmedia art at the university of applied arts vienna. The focus of her artistic work lies in the ontological investigation of the concept of reality, which has changed more and more due to rapid technological advancements in recent years. Her multimedia works deal with the merging of our perception through online and offline worlds and the influence of these on our feelings and identity.