Places to die - Tokyo
H. H. Capor
Artist Statement
Contrary to what the title suggests, the video is not pessimistic. In a life-affirming way, places are shown where the artist can imagine to die. These places are related to his life and show places that Capor has enjoyed visiting in the past, such as Hong Kong, and places related to the artist's current activities, such as Tokyo. The movie shows Capor during the opening of an exhibition at Kulturforum Austria in Tokyo and during a lecture for students. In addition, his favorite habits during a stay in Japan like eating sashimi in his favorite restaurants and visiting photo-bookshops are shown.
The proposed video „Places to die - Tokyo'' is a summary of my personal expression for my longtime relationship to Japan. Since 1971 I have traveled to Japan many times. First for tourism, later for artwork, like participating at GEISAI or Kyoto Festival. In 2009 my project „About travelling“ brought me to Yokohama. In 2017 I was a guest at the Austrian Culture Centre Tokyo, showing my work „The Sound of Music'' to the public but also making a workshop and a lecture.
Artist Bio
Born and living in Vienna, Austria. 1981 start of art work as freelance photographer. Since 1997 member of board at the Fotogalerie Wien. Since 1984 participation in various solo and group exhibitions. Beside artworks now working as independent curator for different organisations. Organisation of cultural projects (e.g. culture exchange Austria-Latvia), participation at Photo Festivals (e.g. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Tampere, Finland), Lecture / workshops in different institutions, for example at the European Academy for visual arts in Trier, Germany and at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogota, Columbia.