Nissan Rent a Car (Keep on Walking)
Chris Saupper
Artist Statement
“Nissan Rent a Car“ by the Austrian media artist Chris Saupper is a photographic attempt to capture a specific moment in time and space: Witnessing a cloudburst in Kyoto at noon, he uses the aesthetic preconditions of the given situation to reflect upon the chronotopic paradigms of photography. He shows the intertwining of space and time, the tensions between artist and pedestrians, the ways stories unfold. Within only fifteen minutes, the short time span of this downpour, Saupper succeeds in taking a number of unique pictures that remind us of the value of poetic attention. „Nissan Rent a Car“ is another impressive step in Saupper’s endeavour to put traditional concepts of art and identity to test. (Thomas Ballhausen)
Japan, as I experienced on my journey in 2016, has reawakened in me the capacity for contemplative observation. For language and interpretation barriers automatically throw you back to the position of the silent observer. The attempt to understand comes before action. And the camera documents this attempt.
Artist Bio
Chris Saupper Art director, producer and photographer. Studied Video Engineering and Camera, Institute for Film and Television, Vienna. Works with the media photography and video. Lives in Vienna.