Marlene Gollner
2015, 2017
Artist Statement
MONO NO AWARE 2015; 500cm x 200cm, fishing line, bones, stones This Japanese term for the awareness of impermanence hits a feeling, a mood so precisely in its blurriness and triggers a deep resonance in me. The long working process of crocheting the fishing line to an oversized dress, bleaching the bones, collecting the stones, brings me into a state of stillness. The nothingness framed by the transparent thread, the empty space within the bone disc, the empty space within the stone circle. ASHES OF THOUGHTS ASHES OF THOUGHTS RISE FROM THE WINTER FIRE COAL BLACK AND SNOW WHITE 2017, handmade Abaca paper, horsehair, charred wood, 100 cm x 300 cm Our way of thinking in the wide field of possibilities becomes visible through the lines of black horse hair in the otherwise empty white space. I want to open up a space for the viewer where transience, transparency, continuous change and poetry can be experienced in oneself. Even a gentle breeze of air is enough to set the installation in motion, to make it dance.
THEN - NOW - AFTER Beyond the past, present and future the transience of our lives permeates all of us. This connects us to our human being. Inspired by the spirit of Zen and so- called Japanese aesthetics I try to interpret in my language of expression the themes of silence, emptiness, impermanence.
Artist Bio
*1961, lives and works in Graz Intensive self study of silk- and plant fibres, textile techniques, paper making Body Work & Authentic Movement Exhibition activity since 2007 Dance theater & Butoh with Kanazawa Butoh Kan 2003 – 2013 in Graz Member of the Sezession Graz since 2014 Art Mining: Interdisciplinary Butoh project 2016 The human body as a vessel and place of experience is the focus of my interest. What wants to become embodied, become visible and be seen? Body perception, dream images and experiences of being are the starting points of these processes.