Mattress Pieces, Pure, Me and myself, Ohne Titel
Anne Glassner
Artist Statement
When I first read the book of Brigitte Steger some years ago „Keine Zeit zum Schlafen?: Kulturhistorische und sozialanthropologische Erkundungen japanischer Schlafgewohnheiten“ I became more and more fascinated with Japanese culture. Why are they sleeping in trains and in public? What are they doing at night? How does social life work? Would it work without the naps? How will it be in the future and how is it in Japan compared to Austria? I started researching this phenomenon of this productive society. I would love to show a performative photo work connected to the topic. I can also imagine doing a performance. Recently I started working with my mattress - I spend hours on my mattress and this is the photo series „Mattress Pieces“ I created during the Corona crisis. I can also imagine showing one of my sleeping 3D Figures.
I have never been to Japan - but that is the point - I’m a sleep performance artist and I have to go to this city that appeared in so many of my dreams. There is something magic that brings me to this country. I know so many stories and pictures of sleeping people in Japan and collected a lot. And I wonder how I can bring my body there virtually and physically and what effect the city has on my resting, lying body being in Japan in the future and researching about different sleep spaces and materials in a performative way.
Artist Bio
Anne Glassner, born in 1984 is a Vienna based visual and performance artist, mostly working with interventions in public space, installation, video and drawing. Her work is often process based. Many works are concerned with sleep and consciousness, fake and reality and the borders between private and public. She studied Fine Arts at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna (degree 2016), Art History at the University of Vienna and Art and Communication at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and Bologna, Italy (degree 2008).She has had numerous exhibitions, performances, workshops in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Turkey, Latvia and Denmark.