Ko Murobushi
Laurent Ziegler
Artist Statement
The work »Ko Murobushi« comprises a photo series of and an installation for Ko Murobushi, an acclaimed Butoh artist. Butoh, influenced by European expressionism, shifted traditional dance to the artistic avant-garde of 20th century postwar Japan. Working with Ko as a dancer and photographer from the early 90s, I experienced the transmutation of the human body into other forms, such as those of animals. There is a poetic and surreal choreographic language to help the dancer transform into other states of being. The photo series displays the insights Butoh provides for society, mirroring its inherent, complex seismic ruptures. The art installation was built for a memorial night shortly after Ko passed away in 2015. It depicts the balance of our physical reality and the supernatural through river stones, either lifted up in air or placed solidly on the ground, touching an elevated space.
The photo series and the installation give access to a vibrant, contemporary art form that inquires on the contradictoriness of Japanese culture as well as transitory moments in society. Having been in Japan for several artistic collaborations I had the opportunity to learn about the intimate essence of nature, arranged - in comparison to its actual appearance - like a rock or zen garden. My wish is to bring across this inherent universality. Butoh is a faithful guide through the »then« and »now« towards a possible »after«, going well beyond familiar perceptions.
Artist Bio
My current focus is on photography, painting, installation and performative work. Previously I studied Political Science and completed educational programs in contemporary dance and film. I have experience in teaching visual arts (NDU New Design University Austria, One World Foundation Sri Lanka) and contemporary dance. Since 2013 I exhibit in group and solo exhibitions (a.o. Künstlerhaus Wien, Gallery Andrea Jünger Vienna, Leopold Museum Vienna, Paris Photo, L.A.), with a passion to bring across stories and embark on a journey to see and to unravel the unseen.