Keep in mind, Friendship, Desire
Lucja Radwan
Artist Statement
I have chosen the past, present and future as the theme of my pictures. The predominantly circular lines in my pictures symbolize that everything is in motion, but the past, now and the future are closely linked. In each picture I have used a different symbolism: cherry blossom, chrysanthemum and pheasant, which are important in Japan. In the first picture one of the worst events of World War II was the dropping of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. In the picture I added cherry blossoms. The past should not be forgotten, but spring leads to a better future without war and suffering. In the second picture the "Kiku" - symbol of immortality and perfection, how a friendship should be, like the friendship of two painters, my father Tadeusz Radwan and Tetsuro Kimura and mine. In the third picture, the pheasant is a symbol of beauty in my imaginary landscape, which I put together from various photos. Once I would like to see that.
Since I’ve never been to Japan, but through friends who had something to do with Japan like Dr. Fleur Sakura Wöss, Mag. Paul Matusek, Prof. Pantzer or Japanese such as Dr. Agnes M. Niyekawa and the painter Tetsuro Kimura, who I met in Austria and became friends for life, I have developed an interest in Japan. As artist colleagues, we helped each other. I organized exhibitions for Kimura-san in Austria and he for me in Japan. I had three exhibitions in Kumamotoshi. I am fascinated by the Japanese landscape, which I have only seen in films or books so far.
Artist Bio
Lucja Radwan, (born 1951) is a Polish-Austrian painter based in Gols, Austria. Radwan has worked with a variety of techniques including watercolour, acrylic, ink, and oil. Some of their tutors were Krayem Awad, György Kornis, Prof. Josef Kaiser, Mag. Rudolf Fuchs und Tadeusz Radwan. Since 1985, she is a member of the Austria Artists Professional Association Schloß Schönbrunn-Vienna. Her pictures have also found a place at Museum Tarnów and Museum Tuchów, Museum Wroclaw, Artothek Vienna. ART-Award 2019 BV of Austria's visual artists: ranking among the five best submissions with the image "Ephemera”.