Lea Titz
Artist Statement
Lea Titz follows the logic of the replica: for example, in Japan she discovers a symbolic tendency in city design, a great longing to replace the repressed nature, even if only as its imitation. Wooden stumps cast in concrete become seats, tree trunks are furnishing a toilet or little trees with cut-off branches are serving as lanterns. Titz photographed these nature-imitating sculptural casts and composed an image from of their digitally cut out individual elements, thus creating an artificial nature scenery out of the artificial nature scenery, to a second degree. The fact that an image of a Japanese flag has emerged is a nice tribute to her host country. - Silvia Eiblmayr
THEN when I was in Japan, I found a big interest in "small and everyday nature". The same interest I carry with me since childhood. There were books, festivals, ancient art including fireflies, bugs, earthworms instead of "only" cats, polar bears and bunnies. The furniture starring my work shows the structure of wood and bark, time consuming recreated from concrete. These types of fences and benches in the public space are unthinkable in Austria. And wild plants like dandelions seemed to be the same or more famous than roses. NOW and AFTER I see that it gets more important to connect the knowledge of the big picture and the details more and more. For example combining the knowledge about cultivated AND of wild plants and animals. And also in the art field seeing that big AND small is great.
Artist Bio
Lea Titz was born in 1981 in Graz. She studied Fine Arts at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna after being educated as a photographer in Austria and Germany. Scholarships and awards include: 2017 Austrian State Scholarship (Staatsstipendium) for visual arts/photography 2013 Scholarship (Atelierstipendium) Tokyo/Japan 2008 Prize for Photography by the City of Graz/Austria 2007 Second Prize Ursula Blickle Video-Award, Germany/Austria. Solo exhibitions include: 2020 Schloss St. Martin/Graz 2020 Fineart gallery Traismauer 2019 Mcube Gallery Kathmandu/Nepal 2016 Akademie Graz 2015 SONO Werksgalerie Salzburg 2015 Galerie Marenzi, Leibnitz 2014 Solo-Booth at Artfair, Athens 2014 SOLO V, Fotogalerie Wien 2014 Designhalle Graz 2008 Stadtmuseum Graz.