Martina Stock
Artist Statement
Martina Stock's artistic medium is serigraphy. The bases of her silkscreens are self-taken photos, which she combines in a digital process. The original is dissolved and a new context of reality and her fiction emerges - captured in her multi-layered pictorial worlds implemented with silkscreen. The manual positioning of the screen on the canvas, the painterly squeegee guidance through the screen and the sensitivity for colour, create unique, non-reproducible works. Besides her visual art, she is also a harpist. She performs solo or realizes audiovisual performances in Europe as well as in Asia in the form of a multimedia installation with screen printing, harp and an intermediate component. A new interpretation of silkscreen and harp. To combine “analog traditional with digital practice“ is the basic of these projects. The concept also stimulates reflection on the question of what perception results from a combination of image and sound.
The artwork G39 H39 | Tokyo generates "BEFORE - NOW - THEN" in one picture.
The basis of my silkscreens are photos which I have taken during my time in Tokyo when I premiered my site-specific audiovisual performance THE WHITE MOUNTAIN AND THE RED RISING SUN at the Smart Illumination Festival in 2017. BEFORE are personal impressions which are dissolved and captured in the multi-layered pictorial worlds emerging out of the applied silkscreen technique constructing an area of tension between fiction and reality. The NOW the „frozen city“ is reflected in the "sublime silence" of the visual language. THEN I see in the "clear air". It is condensed in the clear choice of colours. The visual is combined with my music composition THE WHITE MOUNTAIN AND THE RED RISING SUN offering the audience a bisensual perception.
Artist Bio
Martina Stock grew up in Bischofshofen Austria. She studied at the University Mozarteum Salzburg which she completed in 2009. In between, followed by an Erasmus stay in Krakow and UDK Berlin. Since 2012 she has worked as a freelance artist and harpist. In 2015 she was Professor for the silkscreen class at the Summer Academy in Dresden. Her work / music is shown in the international / national context. In 2017 she founded her solo project „Martina Stock | modern harp with loop and light“. Her first solo CD was released in 2018. She lives and works in Berlin and Salzburg.