Lotte Lyon
Artist Statement
I work in sculpture, photography, and drawing. Sometimes I produce large wall pieces. My work is about space and how it can be used and altered in different ways. It is also about materials, reduction, interaction, and questioning classic parameters of sculpture such as weight and eternity. Color, lightness, and humour play an important role and I am often interested in suggesting that my pieces might be used or varied in one way or another.
My work has been influenced by Japan and its culture in many different ways. Having worked and shown there so many times, I can't even imagine any more how it would have developed without the Japanese influence. For the end of 2020, an exhibition had been planned with my gallery in Tokyo. It had to be put on hold because of Covid19. I am now submitting images of some of the works I did when I had my last show in Tokyo - both a remembrance and an anticipation of new works to come, since I’m strongly hoping to be able to return and pick up my connection to Japan eventually.
Artist Bio
Lotte Lyon, born 1970 in Graz, Austria; studied sculpture at Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna and at HDK, Berlin. Has shown her work nationally and internationally; venues include: Kluckyland, Vienna Heiligenkreuzerhof, Vienna Albertina, Vienna musa, Vienna Galerie Eugen Lendl, Graz Neue Galerie, Graz Galerie Lisa Ruyter, Vienna Aoyama Meguro Gallery, Tokyo. Lives and works in Vienna, Austria.