drawings for modernity
2019-2020, Video 1989
Artist Statement
The connoisseur seeks the future slumpy and cool just like the modern artist. Europe and I had time to take a good look at Japan and to sharpen our view on modernity. Japan was always a little bit ahead of us and I especially felt always a little bit behind. During my first journey I didn’t realize yet that the Japanese wells, Rotenburo, were in fact unforgettable hot spots, which created a symbiosis of nature, body and culture. Later when I shot the documentary “Sneaking in. Donald Richie’s Life in Film” and I looked at the scenes from Atami for the first time, I suddenly remembered and felt a vague notion about how the abstract understanding of the two different cultures might work, with the western modernity on the base of the Japanese classical period. Since then I have searched for this modernity in the empty spaces of diverse media to depict it in my artistic reality.
The comparison of my pictures and sound recordings of the past 20 years is the basis of the research. I am interested in the intermediate zones of the expression of modernity. I need direct contact with people, materials, architecture and cultural expression.
Artist Bio
PRINZpod, a team, have been working together since 1984. In addition to their artistic installations and sculptures in public space, as well as projects in the areas of architecture, land art, sculpture, film and video, they have devoted themselves to painting, drawing and photography.