Composition I - IV
Silvia Miklin
Artist Statement
The four compositions of urushi-lacquered wood pieces are based on the work „Findlinge“ (2004 – 2019), 30 wood pieces and 30 leaves in a row, which are the momentary result of a long lasting experimental process and comprise „foundlings“ (finds) which crossed my way and mark special memories. The compositions I – IV are extracted stories from the big, endless story. By putting them on fur and felt I try to visualize the erotic sensation, when touching the warm and smooth urushi surface. Urushi is an exceptional material, no other resin or painting material in Europe can be compared to it. Urushi covers and protects the objects like skin. It has to be touched to feel the difference.
When I was able to study urushi lacquer and Japanese goldsmithing techniques more than 30 years ago, a new world of high quality craftsmanship opened up for me. The high level of working processes, the refined methods and the perfect tools were fascinating and overwhelming. From this experience of aesthetics in material and mind I still live on. I still learn from my teachers as well as Japanese colleagues and from examples. Although the situation of craftsmanship has become difficult all over the world, I still can notice a high appreciation of quality and aesthetics in Japan.
Artist Bio
Born 1955, Vienna. Graduated from University of Applied Arts, Vienna, in conservation and restoration of metal objects, lecturer for metal conservation thereafter. Studies Japanese lacquer manufacturing and conservation techniques (urushi, including kintsugi) at TNRICP / Tokyo National Research Institute for Cultural Properties and Japanese Goldsmithing techniques in Tokyo 1990 establishment of studio in Vienna, since then professional activity as conservator of metal and East Asian lacquer; lecturer for urushi conservation (University of Applied Arts) Artistic activities besides the professional life privately First exhibition 2019: Urushi- Japanlack in Wien, Galerie raumen/Wien (together with Astrid Edlinger, Salome Lippuner, Heri Gahbler and Tomizo Saratani)