Artist Statement
The series "Bōsōzoku" transports the viewer on a journey to Japan and renders the Japanese motorcycle counter culture Bōsōzoku, translating as ‘violent running tribe’. Bōsōzoku began in the fifties by a collection of frustrated youths from poorer socioeconomic backgrounds agitated by Japanese politics and to challenge the hegemony of the ruling class. By removing the mufflers of their motorcycles, riding heedlessly through traffic and punctuating their cars and bikes with loud paint schemes, calculated to disturb and outrage.
Bōsōzoku was a strong movement back in the fifties and is living a revival right now. Youth culture is always about revolution and so is Bōsōzoku.
Artist Bio
KOEKKOEK was bird of the year 2008. KOEKKOEK is Dutch for cuckoo. Please pronounce [ˈkʊkʊk].