Anime HRT
Rosa Wiesauer
Artist Statement
Anime HRT is a video essay exploring the representation of trans*identity in Japanese pop-culture. In this video I try to discuss the feminist potential and visibility of trans*identity in anime with an autobiographical narrative in a playful way.
A big part of the footage of Anime HRT was filmed on a trip to Japan in October 2018. During my stay in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Miyajima, I've tried to get in touch with queer and trans communities in Japan and collected material for my archive. Japanese pop-culture has always been an important source of inspiration where queer identities are widely represented. I'm especially interested in the differences between lived reality and fictional depiction of queerness.
Artist Bio
Rosa Wiesauer, born 1992 in Austria, is an artist and seamstress based in Vienna. She studies fine arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. In her artistic practice she deals with the representation of trans*identity, queer*feminist potential of Japanese pop-culture and community building through performance, video and text-based art. Rosa Wiesauer is a part of the queer*feminist performance collective House of Empress and the voguing house Kiki House of Dive. Selected exhibitions, performances and screenings: When it Waxes and Wanes, VBKÖ (2020) Purrr! Femme!-ance! queer femininities in action, Wien Woche (2019) Translocal Archives, VBKÖ (2019) FrauenFilmTage, Stadtkino Wien (2018)