Angel’s Noise
Artist Statement
“Angel’s Noise“ is a project in progress, in which the 1985 movie „Tenshi no Tamago“ by distinguished creators Mamoru Oshii and Yoshitaka Amano is recut and scored with a new soundtrack. The new soundtrack is made using two different methods: The original score by Yoshihiro Kanno gets sampled and reamped with an Aria MDI-22 distortion pedal, other scenes get completely new soundscapes, made with a Korg synthesizer. Through the rearranging and rescoring of the fragments, new layers of interpretation are made possible in this already surrealistic storyline.
Japan for me is a mosaic of impressions. Cut together scenes of half-forgotten movies, underlaid with sounds that resemble the original, but are heavily distorted - this is what I remember of the anime I watched back then in my youth. Now these shattered memories mingle with new tunes, transforming meaning and atmosphere. It becomes a continuous process of reimagining and reinterpretation of seemingly familiar themes. The aftermath is noise and dystopian unsureness. Quite what I imagine for the future of, though not only, Japan: Struggling with issues of overaging, climate change and social inequity.
Artist Bio
MaVaEs enjoys taking negative pictures and producing noisy and atmospheric soundscapes. Currently he loves to compel a drumcomputer through a discontinued distortion pedal made by Japanese company Aria Guitars Co.