36 Views of Mount Yotai
Christian Zürn
Artist Statement
The photo essay "36 Views of Mount Yotai" is an imaginary dialog with Hokusai's famous woodcuts "36 views of Mount Fuji" by means of aesthetics, composition, framing, etc, juxtaposing woodblock printing and digital photography in times of Polaroid and Instagram. But it is also about the relation between humans and a nature that is on one hand stunningly beautiful, but also potentially dangerous and threatening. For Japanese the imminent possibility of typhoons, earthquakes and tsunamis are part of their life. For a visitor from a "safer" part of the planet it is an experience she/he has learned to cope with.
With Corona even in the "safer" parts of the world like Austria suddenly people get a notion how our modern lifestyle increases the potential danger through "natural" causes. This is not a danger we have overcome or have eradicated by technologies or other achievements of "progress". Instead this "progress" increased the fragility of our lifestyle in unexpected ways. Probably the more experienced Japanese can show us resilient ways to cope with these dangers and threats.
Artist Bio
1970-1974, University of Applied Arts, graphics (diploma) 1974-1978, Academy of Fine Arts, painting (diploma) 1978 Meisterklassenpreis Prof. Rudolf Hausner 1977-1999 worked as graphic designer and multimedia designer 1999-2004 CEO and art director of a web design and pr company since 2005 working as an artist and photographer 2009 till today publishing the art blog theartVIEw various solo and group exhibitions